Tuesday, August 04, 2009

About Me

My Real Name is Widia Kurnia Adi, I was born in Sragen in 1990. My pen name is widi kurn.Pieces of my full name. Alhamdulilah I'm now given the opportunity to study at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia.

Really I was surprised to find out what widia means, which in the minds of most people is the name of a girl, but it was not. The following are some of the meaning of the name widia:
  • Widia (of Wi'e Dia'mant) is a registered label name of the company Krupp for tungsten carbide, a sinter material.  
My surprise is the mean widia as metal, which materials that have high hardness properties, so use as a  precision-engineered metalcutting  .I hope I can become as hard as "widia", an unbeatable material by wear and unbeatable by other metals. With a violent effort and determination that I have hopefully become a useful expert. Amien
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