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Blog Action Day 09

Blog Action Day adalah kegiatan tahunan yang dilaksanakan pada 15 Oktober. Pada saat itu seluruh blogger di dunia bersama-sama menulis  topic yang sama pada hari yang sama. Bisa di bilang saat itulah pikiran dari seluruh dunia di curahkan untuk memikirkan masalah yang sama, bisa dibayangkan berapa solusi yang bisa di peroleh?? tentu akan sangat amat banyak sekali!! :P
Kegiatan ini merupakan salah satu ajang terbesar blogfest (festival blog) untuk langkah lebih baik yang bertujuan untuk mengajak dan memikirkan isu-isu penting melalui web.
Tahun ini BAD mengambil topic tentang "climate change" dan diikuti lebih dari
4,000 bloggers dari  123 countries yang terdaftar, termasuk banyak dari blog-blog terbesar di dunia.
Topic yang diambil bertujuan memanfaatkan BAD 2009 sebagai "the largest social change event" di dunia maya. Tentunya mengenai masalah iklim.  Selain itu, kegiatan  bertujuan menjadikan Blog action Day 2009 sebagai bentuk kepedulian global terhadap krisis iklim.
Sebagai hasil dari event ini, ada kurang lebih 45 hal yang bisa kita lakukan tentang perubahan iklim

This list is raw, unedited. It was put together by several volunteers from among the thousands of Blog Action Day 2009 participants. We hope you find it useful and that you add to it in the comments below!
1. Talk to your boss at work and ask him/her to set up a training meeting for employees on how to make the workplace more friendly to the environment.
2. Take action on big scale with an organization.
3. Take 15 minutes to ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter what they think about climate change and what people can do about it.
4. Sign a peitition like this one:
5. Find out where your senators stand on the Kerry-Boxer climate bill.
6. Work with your local university or college on making your area more bike friendly. You could even help develop a bike share program!
7. Walk leave your car in the garage
8. Go vegetarian/ vegan
9. Join a local event at – it’s happening on Oct 24, 2009 worldwide
10. Stop throwing so much away. Get a pig, they eat trash like no other.
11. Watch “The Day After Tomorrow.” Okay, or watch a documentary about global warming or climate change like “An Inconvenient Truth.”
12.Climb the stairs let the elevators
13. Watch a climate change video from the latest Nobel Peace Prize winner, then email your senators to demand a clean energy future:
14. Talk to your coworkers about the possibility of carpooling to and from work.
15. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
16. Don’t eat so much meat. Either stop eating it altogether or at least cut it down so the majority of your diet is plant-based. That way the planet’s land can be used more for growing plants for us to eat instead of feeding them to animals.
17. Take actions at Greenpeace’s website:
18. Sell your gas guzzling Hummer or whatever and get a car with much better gas mileage. Or get a bike.
19. Get involved in your local community in leading discussions about how to support clean energy.
20. Stop getting so many paper bills in the mail. Go online to access them instead.
21. Turn off the water when not using it. turn off the electricity and heating if it is not needed.
22.Try walking or riding a bike to and from work. Cutting down on auto emissions would help out alot.
23. Support and participate in actions against the destruction of our forests.
24. Avoid speaking rather than doing. Use renewable energy without hurting its future. Plant more trees (p.e. with and try to make the developed countries to use vehicles when needed rather than using it for luxury.
25. Don’t use paper or Styrofoam cups at work-bring your own. When changing appliances, buy EnergyStar certified. Raise temperature on the air conditioner and lower it on heater by a couple of degrees.
26. Pack a Waste Free Lunches for yourself and Children.
27. Show your neighbors, how nice a sustainable garden can be – farm your garden organic :-)
28. Stem the flow of Junk Mail to your home Use this guide for links to make the job easier.
29. Stop using bottled water.
30. Switch to Paperless Paper Towels – Learn how here.
31. Separate home waste in 3 different trash 1. organic 2. paper/plastic 3. no-recycleable materials
32. Don’t leave plugs in sockets. Energy is still being used even if the socket is off.
33. Come on stop buying this SUV and trucks to drive in the cities, small is beautifull!
34. Try to find apartments close to your school, so you do not need a car to travel to school each day.
35. Pass on used books and photocopyied materials to your friends in younger years so that they do not need to photocopy again, save papers, save trees.
36. Learn to shower with less water. I don’t have running water so use two 64oz Pace Picante bottles with hole drilled in lids. Getting wet, Soaping off and then rinsing generally only takes one bottle. I use 2 when washing my hair. Been doing it for 18 years and it works.
37. Put up a dry erase board to write down thing you need at the store so you can get in the habit of only shopping once a week or less.
38. Inspire other people for a transition – use this handbook: – give it to other people.
39. Stop using planes and discover the nature in your region.
40. If you have a garden: plant vegetables, if you can’t do it offer other people to use it.
41. Learn about your ecological footprint and reduce it:
42. Make sure that every air trip we choose to do will bring real benefits, such as increasing understanding and collaboration, personal development and true fulfillment. All other trips are a waste of time which we should anyway avoid in our lives.
43. Recycle your toylet paper, dont eat meet, shower only evry other day, and pick your nose instead of using kleenex.
44.bring & use your basket bag when u shopping, don’t request plastic bag to shopman
45.use mechanical pencils, instead of manual ones
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